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Ropeway for use on water
  • Ropeway for use on water

Ropeway for use on water

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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  • We make ropeways of reversive type for water sports. Trainings on the wakeboard, on a water ski, on a mono ski, on figured skis, driving on heels, on a skateboard, etc.
    Support can be made different types depending on the requirement of the customer and from the location.
    • The design can be anti-vandal (such on which very difficultly to climb without special adaptation).
    • In the form of a farm (mast) the most widespread look, it is convenient in service, an esthetic look.
    • "And" the figurative design in the form of two farms, such is used when an anchor of a delay it is possible to arrange only on one line with a traction cable.
  • Power el the engine can be 11 kW or 7,5kvt
  • System two hummock: one motionless safety, the second - traction.
    Ropeways are equipped with very convenient control panel, the license program takes away on itself all difficulties of management. It is simplest and convenient to operate a ropeway for the operator, and the rider on water will feel it too. There is automatic mode - pressed and sit observe. Time of a set is set and the sound signal is given after its expiration. There is a control of work of motor-hours on days which are highlighted on/to the screen.
    Final points of a stop are established in advance and in the course of work are not displaced. The road are automatically controlled by system of sensors which stop the movement at emergencies and report about a cause of accident
  • We use the screw base which does not demand concrete works significantly reduces terms of installation and simplifies paperwork process as this view of the bases does not belong to constant constructions.
  • All process of installation is from scratch carried out without use of crane equipment for several days.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 29.10.2018
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