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Kanatka Konstruktor
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Kanatka Konstruktor

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

"Kanatka Konstruktor"


Advantages of these goods:

  • Reasonable price and simple design which the client establishes independently.
  • In addition video the instruction and detailed consultations of our specialists in any kind of communication (phone, skype, viber, whatsapp, telegram, etc.) is attached

The direct drive for a shaft of the engine and any excess knots works quietly, is heard only an electric sound of the engine. It is the reliable type of the drive checked by time (5 years work similar installation and it was not necessary to change bearings yet). 


Technical characteristics:

  • Galvanized support;
  • Height: 7-8 meters;
  • Power: 7,5kvt / 380 volts;
  • Management: via the controller, the automatic mode, stop car points;
  • Drive: a straight line on a shaft of the engine and any excess knots;
  • Working cable: D - 8 mm.


The question in what a difference between a package the STANDARD and the DESIGNER interests all at once, about it we read below.



Package the Standard - a farm a figurative mast (a difficult strong design)

Package the Designer - a mast from channels (simple and strong)


System tension:

Package the Standard - the barrel with sand through a double polyspast provides a system tension

Package the Designer - a system tension via the special carriage the manual winch. Control of a tension is visible on the special spring mechanism.



Package the Standard - 2 ropes: traction 6,2mm and rail 11 mm (the difficult scheme, at installation is a lot of nuances)

Package the Designer - 1 rope of traction 8 mm, everything is simple, there is no confusion at installation. Also high reliability checked by time since 1996.


Program of management

Package the Standard - touch zhk the screen with a set of settings of installation, taking into account control of circles and many other things.

Package the Designer - the controller with the program of management instead of zhk the screen, all settings happen to the help of three buttons.


We seek to make our product more available and on it we will not stop.


You like to ride - love and ride!

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 29.10.2018
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